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Our websites will increase the contacts and enquiries you get from the internet with a professionally designed page



Our websites will increase your visibility on the internet with more people visiting your website and finding your business



Our websites allow you to promote your website and refer people to it, increasing your online exposure and visibility

An Off-The-Shelf  Website For Your Business

Website Under Construction?

Domain Reserved? Don’t Have A Website Yet?

Are you losing customers who are looking for you on the Internet because they either can’t find you or they see a page telling them that you aren’t ready for business yet?

Instead of having a page that says “Under Construction” or “Reserved for” make use of the web space you are paying for anyway with an attractive and focused one page web site until you are ready to expand your web site.

Wasting an opportunity to promote your business?

A “Reserved For…” or “Under Construction” website domain is probably costing you money, clients and profits.

People arriving at your website domain assume that your business is not operating or not worth doing business with while it could easily be used to promote your business on the internet. And this while you are paying your monthly hosting fees. We can create a website with a professional look/feel for your business. The website is modular and can easily be expanded to add more pages, photos, photo galleries, project galleries and contact forms as the need to expand the website arises.

Our Off The Shelf Websites

Our business websites are

– Optimised for search engines – Mobile device friendly – Use professional designs – Affordable And can be upgraded to full websites

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Promote your business online

You may be wasting an opportunity to promote your business online. You are paying for a domain name that has been displaying a “Reserved for”, “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction”[…]

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May 23, 2019 0
off the shelf websites

Business/Income Opportunity

A business/income opportunity to supplement your income or even create your own business earning multiple streams of income, either full-time or part-time

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June 12, 2019 0
off the shelf websites

Off the shelf websites

Visit our off-the-shelf website warehouse and browse the categories and various designs. Get started on your website today

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June 11, 2019 0

Why Have A Mobile-friendly Website?

Mobile-friendly website are websites that are easy to view and use on smartphones and tablets as well as on laptops and desktops.

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May 27, 2019 0

Our OffTheShelf Websites Include

Business Description

A paragraph or two describing your business

Products & Services

A description of your products or services

Social Media

Links to your Facebook and other social media pages


A small number of photos of your choice

Contact Details

Your contact details with a contact form


The potential to upgrade to a full website

Some of Our Customers

Some of our one page and full website customers

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